Welcome to Disaster Warning, the approved fanlisting for the mysterious pokemon that is often mistaken for a harbinger of terrible things to come, Absol. Disaster Warning is proudly listed at The Fanlistings Network under the Games category. If you happen to love it as much as I do (or at least are a fan in general), feel free to join! ♥

Version Two of Disaster Warning features the official TCG art of Absol from the Astral Radiance and Obsidian Flames expansions, respectively. Disaster Warning was designed using Clip Studio Paint Ex and coded using Notepad. Textures used in the design are from Sirius-sdz, while the font was downloaded from DaFont.
09th June 2024 · 11 fans (+0 pending)

"Absol, the Disaster Pokémon. Absol live in steep mountainous regions, and

rarely venture down into areas inhabited by humans, but should an Absol be

seen by humans, it is said that catastrophe is soon to follow."